Frequently Asked Questions About CrossFit Grenada

What is a WOD?

“WOD” is the term most CrossFitters and CrossFit Affiliates use for “Workout of the Day.” Each day, CrossFit TT will post it’s daily WOD on it’s website. All attendees will perform the same WOD, scaling the number of repetitions, the weight, the distance, or the duration of as necessary according to their ability level.

I heard that some WOD’s are shorter than 5 minutes in length. Is that right? If so, is that all you do? How can that be long enough to get a proper workout?!?

Yes, it’s true that some WOD’s are shorter than 5 minutes. In fact, some athletes can do some of the infamous CrossFit Benchmark WOD’s in under two minutes. While we may not program these workouts as frequently as other affiliates, you will encounter them at our affiliate on a fairly regular basis. These workouts do provide you with everything you need to get an exceptional workout, and do not require a supplemental workout later in the day, provided they’re done as directed by the coach.

The most condensed explanation for how this is possible is as follows:  Exercises and intensities prescribed in these workouts yield a high neuroendocrine response. CrossFit workouts provoke the body into releasing hormones that help reduce disease, facilitate weight-loss, reduce stress, and – generally speaking – make you feel good. If done correctly, short, intense workouts yield a hormonal response that not only equates to a traditional 40-minute jog on the treadmill or 60 minute spin on the elliptical, but also wildly surpass any routine that you’d typically do at a gym.

While these workouts are will be comprise the total daily training volume for many of our members, we also recognize that some sports demand additional volume beyond that offered by the daily WOD. While CrossFit can greatly benefit these athletes, we do not recommend that these athletes simply add CrossFit to their existing training plan without first consulting with a CFTT coach. While the programming we offer can absolutely compliment existing training plans, it should be done so carefuly, as to prevent burnout, injury, or illness. Consults are free with the purchase of any membership package – please email Tyler ( to learn more.

It’s also important to note that these workouts will still keep you at the gym for a little while, as we mandate lengthy warm-up and cool-down mobility exercises prior to and post each workout. Please be prepared to spend a full hour at our facility for your workout.

Who are Kelly? Fran? Angie? Helen? Grace? Why do we see their names everywhere?

Kelly, Fran, Angie, Helen, Grace, and Murph are not people, but rather are the names of benchmark CrossFit workouts. Designed to help athletes evaluate their progress, Benchmark workouts prescribe a finite series of movements, weights, and movement standards, thus establishing clear performance standards for the Sport. Some workouts are given Girls names, while others are named after Heroes (Male and Female) who have fallen in the line of Duty.

Should I plan to come to CrossFit Every day?

Because most CrossFit WOD’s are performed at a high-intensity level, we don’t recommend that you come to class 6 or 7 days a week. Generally speaking, CrossFit prescribes three consecutive days of workouts followed by one rest-day. Because our programming differs slightly from the workouts seen on the CrossFit Headquarters Main Site, it is possible to attend four consecutive classes, but we don’t recommend that you attend 6 classes consecutively unless specifically directed to do so by one of your coaches. Because they offer more than a traditional WOD, Sunday classes are the exception to this rule. Sunday’s can be used to work on skills, to make –up a missed WOD, or to work go for a group run or ride with other members. Members are MORE than welcome to come in on a Sunday regardless of how many workouts they’ve done that week…provided they’re not using it to exceed the 5-6 WOD’s / Week rule.

I’m pretty fit. I attend the gym at least 5 days a week. Are you sure I shouldn’t be coming 6 days in a row?

In almost all cases – yes. We’ve worked with a number of elite athletes – from Professional Triathletes, to NBA Players, to Collegiate and Professional Hockey Players – and we’ve yet to encounter an athlete who’d benefit from an immediate transition to a program prescribing 5-to-6 consecutive days of CrossFit Training. It may not be what you’re used to…but then again, neither is the training.

Won’t lifting all those weights make me big?

If all you do is lift weights, then yes – you will likely experience an increase in size. That said, we do more than lift weights in CrossFit. A LOT more.

Recall the principal aim of CrossFit – to give participants as broad a fitness base as possible. Specifically, CrossFit builds proficiency across 10 domains of fitness. We use Olympic Weightlifting movements to help us develop proficiency in three of these domains – strength, power, and muscular stamina, just as we use other activities like gymnastics movements, plyometrics, and cardiovascular activities to help us become better at the other seven. Both of the nature of the lifts themselves, and the fact that they’re used in conjunction with other activities keep CrossFitters from ‘bulking-up’. Instead, they afford lean, toned, functional physiques. Participants in need of more mass can achieve such aims by working with their coach to scale their workout accordingly, however just doing CrossFit or practicing the Olympic lifts alone won’t make you big.

Why don’t you use any machines?

More often than not, machines recruit muscles or restrict movement in a manner that’s rarey – if ever – seen or practiced outside of the Gym. They By contrast, Olympic Lifting movements mirror virtually every functional movement humans are capable of performing – from picking up a bag of dog food, to pushing an offensive lineman. Additionally, because Olympic lifts recruit so many different muscle groups in tandem, they elicit a superior response to movements performed with machines; Olympic lifts build strength, yield more balanced hormone levels, improve blood cell counts, ramp-up the metabolism, raise the heart-rate, and improve coordination better than similar exercises performed with machines. For an in-depth look at why we don’t use machines, take a look at our blog post on the subject.

Will I always be this sore?

No – in fact it won’t take long before muscle soreness will become something of a rarity. Once your body begins to both develop the strength and mobility across many of the muscles that it’s neglected, and learns to coordinate such efforts in different movement patterns, you’ll find that activities and efforts that used to make you really sore will become a lot easier. That said, the workouts that help you develop such strength, coordination, and balance will leave you pretty sore. Expect the first two weeks of regular training to be the worst; afterwards, the frequency and intensity of soreness you experience should dissipate pretty rapidly.

I thought I was in good shape…but after doing one CrossFit workout, I feel crippled. Is CrossFit right for me?

Absolutely. Remember – most sports, training regimens, or activities at build proficiency across an average of two-to-three domains of fitness. With CrossFit, you’re trying to build proficiency across TEN. Not only are you waking up muscles you never knew you had, but also you’re literally learning to move in ways you’ve never done before. Feeling sore is a natural response, and one that’s shared by all of us. Trust us when we say that we’ve all had mornings where we’ve been so sore that we’ve wondered how in the world we’ll get down the stairs, wash our hair, or sit-up from a prone position…and when we say that the frequency and intensity of such episodes will drop over time.

I feel like a TOTAL spaz after my first class. I can’t even do a (push-up, pull-up, sit-up…insert exercise here) properly! Are you sure this is for me?

Yes. Again, because our goal is to help both build proficiency with many different types of movements and activities, and work-capacity across a broad array of time-domains, you’re bound to encounter movements, exercises, and activities in CrossFit that feel COMPLETELY foreign to you. When this happens, remember two things:


2.) You are NOT ALONE.

CrossFit is humbling for everyone because it exposes everyone’s relative weaknesses. Some folks struggle with 400m runs. Others Struggle to lift heavy weights others still can’t jump-rope; still more struggle to do balanced handstands. Regardless of where your relative weaknesses lie, CrossFit will identify them. It will also give you the opportunity to address, reconcile, and ultimately rectify them. Additionally, it will also present you with the opportunity to help others rectify theirs, as your strengths will be someone else’s weakness.

Why is CrossFit Grenada more expensive than other gyms in Grenada?

We’ll admit that CrossFit Grenada is more expensive than most traditional gym memberships. We also feel strongly that the type of training we offer yield results far beyond the capabilities of a traditional gym. Just as Free-Range Grass Fed beef is more expensive than the stuff they serve you at McDonald’s, quality products that work well are more expensive than those of moderate quality that don’t.

We’re not trying to be brash with our claims. The empirical evidence, explosive growth of the sport, and our experiences as athletes and trainers lend credibility to CrossFit’s claim of superiority. Study after study recognizes CrossFit as the exercise methodology most capable of providing a superior neuroendocrine response; from elites to amateurs, CrossFit has been proven to work for athletes of every caliber, and we’ve seen people accomplish in a couple months with CrossFit what many would have considered impossible to achieve in six years. Nevertheless, we don’t expect everyone to take such claims at face-value, and would encourage anyone skeptical to experience the efficacy of our programming first-hand.

We’d also argue that CrossFit provides the best result-for-the-dollar out of any exercise routine, program, or methodology available. Consider the following:

1.) Personal Instruction: With small instructor-to-student ratios, CrossFit Grenada's Group Training programs provide nearly the same instruction and attention as that offered by a personal trainer. Considering that many personal training sessions start at $50, CrossFit Grenada’s membership package offers a tremendous value – one can purchase an entire month of unlimited training at CrossFit Grenada for the price of 1.5 personal training sessions.

2.) Yoga methodologies like Bikram provide an exceptional workout. Like CrossFit, they offer personalized instruction, a dynamic workout environment, and yield high-quality results…hence a price structure similar to that of a CrossFit affiliate like CrossFit Grenada. Given such context, it might be easier to think of CrossFit as the Bikram method of Gym training – just because you can do the moves on your own, doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same result.

3.) A gym membership only gives you access to equipment and space. It doesn’t afford you the knowledge, environment, or community you need to realize your goals. In addition to the space and equipment, we also provide the programming, motivation, and instruction you need to not only use it, but to make the most of it.

Didn’t you guys offer a month of free classes to try CrossFit Grenada earlier this year? Do you still offer it? If not, how can I try you out before I commit?

CrossFit Grenada will always offer a FREE class to 1st time visitors. After that, individuals who’d like to experience CrossFit Grenada’s programming, instruction, and community are invited to try a few walk in sessions if they are still on the fence about joining. New comers will see that the program familiarizes those new to CrossFit with both our unique training environment, and the movements we regularly employ in our programming in a supportive, yet result oriented environment.
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