1. Arrive early and stay late
Cheer, clap, and encourage others. Anything less and you will cheat yourself of the experience and rob others of the gift of your presence and support as part of the community.

2. Accidents and injuries happen and usually come as a result of impatience
Don’t be greedy. Slow down. Ask questions. Ask for help. Upward progression in strength, speed and ability WILL COME.

3. Treat equipment with respect, but don’t baby it
Plates, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, etc. are meant to be picked up and dropped. Respect the equipment by using it heavy and hard, but don’t abuse it.

4. Chalk is useful, even necessary
It is also messy. Use as much as you need, but keep the excess inside the chalk bucket! You don’t want to have to vacuum with Fran cough! If you write on the floor be sure to wipe it up before you leave.

5. Clean up and put away all equipment after each workout
We aren't your parents and you are all adults. Clean up sweat, spit, blood, chalk, dirt, vomit, handprints, and whatever else you’ve left behind.

6. Grunting, screaming, and otherwise making noise are all welcome and encouraged during a workout
There is such a thing as gentle, quiet strength, although most of us haven’t mastered that yet. Also remember that there can be such a thing as too loud, crass, gross, or rude – common sense rule applies, please be respectful.

7. Don’t make us ask you for money
Monthly dues are due on the first. Enough said.

8. We are respectful but we are not politically correct
We joke, yell, grunt, scream, sweat, bleed, etc. You will too.

9. Have Fun, Laugh & Smile a lot
Yes, you’re going to work harder than you thought possible. Yes, it’ll hurt. So what? Have fun with it. CrossFit Grenada is a playground and while we’re constantly increasing work capacity, we’re having a blast at the same time. Agony and laughter, who knew they were so compatible?

10. Work hard
Form follows function and intensity drives adaptation. What does that mean? The harder you work, the better you’ll get. Effort is more important than any other attribute. DON’T BE EMBARASSED OR ASHAMED if you have a 50 lb deadlift and the person next to you has a 500lb deadlift; if your Fran time is 30 minutes and someone else finished in 3; if you can’t go Rx’d and scale every workout – AS LONG AS YOU ARE TRYING YOUR HARDEST. What you do doesn’t matter so long as you push the envelope each and every workout. Believe this – the juice is worth the squeeze.

11. Check “it” at the door
If you have ego, leave it at the door. (SEE AREA IN FRONT OF DOOR) Don’t bring that stuff into the gym. Sometimes it’s hard to let this go, especially for the male species. CrossFit is magical in its ability to wreck egos. You have been warned.

12. Introduce yourself
CrossFit Grenada is more than a gym. It’s a community. If you see a CrossFitter you haven’t met yet, please introduce yourself, as they may need to revive your unconscious body later and “Dude, wake up…” is just so impersonal.

13. Do not cheat
Do every rep, with solid technique, no matter the time it takes. You only cheat yourself of the opportunity to become a better athlete and person. There is no honor in cheating, what joy is there in a victory you didn’t earn?

14. Dress code
We don’t need no stinkin’ dress code. Dresses are totally optional. So are shirts and shoes for that matter.

15. You’re allowed to cry before, during and after the workout just don’t act like a baby.

16. Brag to your family and friends
You’re getting in the best shape of your life. You’re having fun. You’re doing things you never thought possible. Be proud of this. Shout your bad-assery from the mountain tops.

17. Get your Butt in the door!
A workout may suck before and during, but no one ever feels bad after they workout! The hardest part is coming in and getting started, so just do it.
1229 B Sunset Dr.
Grenada, MS 38901 (view larger map)