Accurately Logging your WODS

How to Log your WOD :
• Athletes are expected do all exercises as Rx.  
• If an athlete cannot safely handle the weight or movement in one aspect of the Rx WOD at any part of the workout (by self-determination or by a coach), they will then complete the remainder of the exercise with the Rx2 alternative of that exercise in place of the Rx exercise or movement while continuing to complete the remainder of the WOD as prescribed.
(This is to be repeated for every portion of the WOD that needs to be scaled at any point during the workout.)
• If the movement needs to scale down from the Rx2 level they will have Rx3 option or another alternative as prescribed by a coach.
• Athletes will mark the workout on the level they scaled any exercise to (on any or all exercises) and note how it was scaled in the comments.

WOD Rx    
30- Thrusters (95/65)                                      
20- HR Pushups        

30- Thrusters (45/35)
10- HR Pushups

The example athlete cannot successfully complete 20 Thrusters at the Rx weight of #95, but can complete approximately 10 with good form.  However, the athlete can complete all of the 20 HR pushups as Rx.  The athlete should complete 10 Thrusters as Rx then scale the Thruster to the Rx2 weight and complete the remaining 20 while completing the 20 HR Pushups as Rx.  
In this case the athlete would log the workout as Rx2 (due to the scaling of weight on the Thrusters) and make a note similar to “Thrusters 10-Rx, 20-Rx2” so we can track the areas that need attention.

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